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Putrajaya Road Safety Programme

Smart De CARE

         -  Introduction

       ‘Smart DeCARE’ is a traffic circuit road safety competition/education programme introduced in Putrajaya in June 2009. Based on the traffic check conducted by JPJ and Shell Traffic Competition Programme, the module introduced is to educate and for students to learn which emphasises on the methods and procedures to be smart drivers through learning of prudent driving with a number of approaches such as courses/workshops/trainings/competitions. Since the 2009 and 2010 programmes were conducted at a temporary circuit at the car park next to Alamanda Complex, for 2010, Perbadanan Putrajaya approved the construction of the DeCARE traffic circuit in Precinct 7. Today, the circuit is still under construction and due for completion at the end of 2011 and operational in 2012.

After a few years of its introduction, ‘Smart DeCARE’ now provides four (4) of its own module based on the participant’s category, in order for the road safety knowledge to be learned and practiced by all road users.


The Smart DeCARE programme aims to educate and for students to learn on road safety in a way that would attract the Putrajaya community to participate. Therefore, this programme comes complete with various implementation methods and agendas such as Courses/Workshops/Talks/Trainings and circuit competitions.

The education and learning on the other hand has various levels according to the following age groups:

       Types of Modules

      Several types of modules have been developed as a guide for the DeCARE programmes/activities implementation such as:

                 i. Kindergarten, Pre-school. Standard 1 and 2 students
                  Introduction to the definition of road accident
                  Road accident video show
                  Introduction to Traffic Signage
                  Road crossing procedures
                   Safe road crossing practical training


                 ii. School students aged 9 to 16 years old
  Agenda :
                  Road Safety Talk
                  Traffic signage understanding test
                  Practical training
                  Introduction to traffic circuit
                   Vehicle introduction and suitability
                   Understanding of the law and traffic rules
                  Computerised test


                 iii. Students and the disabled
                  Practical training
                  Introduction to traffic circuit
                  Vehicle introduction and suitability
                   Understanding of the law and traffic rules


                 iv. Adults 17 years and above
                  2 ½ day course /workshop
                  Road safety talk
                  Know Your vehicle
                  Prudent driving Module 1 to 7
                  Practice and procedures of ‘Smart Drivers’
                  Revision of the understanding and recollection of the road signage
                  Computerised Test
                  Practical training
                  Introduction to traffic circuit
                  Know your vehicle and its suitability
                  Understanding of the law and traffic rules


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