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Banner and Bunting Installation


1. All applications to put up buntings must be made to Jabatan Perkhidmatan Bandar, Perbadanan Putrajaya at least one (1) week before they are to be installed at ;
Address Telephone / Fax / Email
Putrajaya Advertising Telephone : +603-8893 5788
Pengangkutan Awam Putrajaya Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd. Email : or
Depoh Nadiputra, Jalan P9,
Presint 9,  
(Attention of :   Mr.Mohd Azhar bin Omar)  
2. Applicants have to complete G1 Form and provide clear information therein as to length of time the buntings will be put up, number of buntings and proposed road locations where they are to be installed.
  DOWNLOAD FORM | [ Application of Installing Bunting and Banner Form ]
3. The proposed period and locations where the buntings are going to be installed will be studied so as to avoid overlapping with buntings of other parties.
4. Approval letter plus acknowledgement of payment together with invoice will be issued to the applicant who is going to implement the work.
5. Rates for putting up each bunting is as follows:-


No Bunting size Cost / unit (RM)
1 92 x 427cm (3’ x 14’) RM50.00
2 87 x 376cm (2’10” x 12’ 4”) RM45.00
3 77 x 297cm (2’6” x 9’9”) RM45.00
4 61 x 183cm (2’x6’) atau
61 x 214cm (2’x7’) atau
61 x 244cm (2’x8’)
5 3’ x 20’ (banner) RM100.00

Note: The above rates are inclusive of charges forsupervision and monitoring.

6. If the applicant has contracted a bunting supplier to manage the putting up of buntings with Perbadanan, payment for fixing costs can be made by cheque and crossed ‘account payee only' payable to Putrajaya Advertising.
7. Affixing stickers (Sticker) approval at each buntings or banners that have been approved are mandatory. Stickers (Sticker) will only be given to the applicant after the payment..
8. Applicant is required to submit samples of buntings (one for each size) to ensure they conform to specifications (please see the sample specification attached). If the buntings do not follow the specifications they have to be redone.
  DOWNLOAD | [ Size and Technical Specifications ]
9. Buntings that have been approved must be supplied to Perbadanan for fixing. Extra quantitities, between 5% - 10%, have to be supplied to replace those are damaged during fixing.
10. As soon as the buntings are received, the appointed panel contractor will be directed to carry out the fixing job at the locations on the approved dates as approved
11. Monitoring and maintenance of the buntings will be carried out as soon as the fixing works begin and until the end of the stipulated period as approved.
12. As soon as the period allowed for putting up the buntings expire, they will be taken down and sent to disposal sites or handed back to applicant (if there is any left).
13. Perbadanan will monitor and ensure the works done by panel contractors are in order.
14. Applications that are rejected or not approved will be notified within three(3) days from the date application is received.