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Intra City
A ) Schedule of Services . Latest Route Info
Contact Person :
 Pengangkutan Awam Putrajaya Sdn. Bhd. (PAPSB),
 Depo Bas NadiPutra, Jalan P9,
 62250 Presint 9, WP Putrajaya
 Tel :  03 - 8890 4788
 Fax :  03 - 8890 5788
Hotline :  019 - 282 2280
 Email :
B ) Monthly Pass (Putra Card)

The Nadi Putra bus monthly pass, named Adult Putra Card and Student Putra Card is currently sold at the Nadi Putra Depot counter, Precinct 9 and Nadi Putra counter at the Putrajaya Sentral Station.

Putra Card Rate :

No Cad Type Validity
1 Adult Putra Card
a) RM20.00 35 days
b) RM10.00 17 days
2 Student Putra Card
a) RM10.00 35 days
b) RM5.00 17 days
* The number of days is effective from the date of purchase, i.e : a card purchased on 01 March 2011, is valid until 4 April 2011

The Nadi Putra monthly pass is valid for unlimited travel throughout the validity period. It is issued to Malaysians only. First time application require a form with a photo attached. A top-up rate is available for top-up. A lost card may be replaced with a replacement fee and the remaining validity period transferred to the new card.

Adult Putra Card Application form

Student Putra Card Application form