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Frequently Asked Question

Local Agenda 21 Putrajaya

1.What is Local Agenda 21 (LA 21)?
  • Local Agenda 21 is a program aimed at implementing sustainable development at local level
  • Known as Eart Summit, from Rio de Janeiro Conference 1992
  • Local Agenda 21 provides basis for debate on and awareness of sustainable development at the community level.
  • It will guide the communtiy and stakeholders to be involved in sustainable development planning in major areas of physical, economic, social and environmental development.

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2.Where can I get more Information ?

Link To :  Official Website LA 21 Putrajaya

3.What are the main elements of LA 21
  • Integrated decision making which takes all foreseeable physical, social and econom, and environmental considerations into account
  • Changes and resoulution which promote a continual improvement toward sustainable development
  • Long term perspective ( development, implementation and periodic review of long term, integrated action plan which incorporates sustainable development principles)
  • Think global act local
  • Stronger community and local government partnership (consensus & partnership)
4.How will LA 21 Benefits You?

As Individual

  • Your opinion and aspirations will be considered in the planning and devlopment process in your area towards better quality of life.
  • The Local Authority (Perbadanan Putrajaya) will managing change more effectively by being more empathy,
  • Your participation will contribute to the enhancement of development and quality of life in your area
  • Create the sense of belonging as Putrajaya’s resident

As An Establishment In Society / Association and Enterprise

  • Contribute the better image of your society and owned enterprise in social obligations towards the betterment of the city
  • Effective and continuos long term programs to promote sustainable development in your area that will benefit your society/enterprise
  • Provides opportunities and choices to be involved in physical, economic, social and environmental development working together in synergy with the Local Authority ( Perbadanan Putrajaya)
  • Provide opportunity to be heared and to be part of the society in promoting sustainable development

As Government’s Representative

  • Managing change more effectively
  • More effective policy development in your agency
  • Enhanced capacity to meet community needs
  • Greater Community cohesion
  • Stronger links towards sustainable community
5.What is your role in implementing LA 21 Putrajaya?
  • To participate actively in your Resident’s Association and other related establishment for networking towards implementing LA 21 programs
  • Please contact The Secretariat of LA 21 Putrajaya to know more on LA 21 programs
  • Encourage your children, friends and family members to participate in LA 21 programs to improve your area
  • To care and love Putrajaya by contributing your ideas and aspirations in the development and operation of the city to sustain it for present and future generations
6.Officers to be contacted
If this information is not enough, please contact :-

Name : Nik Khusairie Bin Jaafar
Division/Unit : One Stop Centre Section
Telephone No : 03-8887 7129
Email : khusairie [at] ppj [dot] gov [dot] my