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Frequently Asked Question

Nadiputra Bus Service

1.How many routes there are for Nadi Putra Bus
2.Are there student passes and monthly passes provided?

Monthly Pass (Putra Card):
The Nadi Putra bus monthly pass, now known as Adult Putra Card and Student Putra Card is currently sold at the Nadi Putra Depot counter, Precinct 9 and Nadi Putra counter at the Putrajaya Sentral Station.

Putra Card Rate :

No Cad Type Validity
1 Adult Putra Card
a) RM20.00 35 days
b) RM10.00 17 days
2 Student Putra Card
a) RM10.00 35 days
b) RM5.00 17 days
* The number of days is effective from the date of purchase, i.e : a card purchased on 01 March 2013, is valid until 4 April 2013. For Malaysian citizen only.

The monthly pass/Putra Card holder is allowed to utilise unlimited Nadi Putra bus service throughout the validity date. Currently, only Malaysian citizens are permitted to own the monthly pass/Putra Card. The general public is required to fill up the form with a photograph attached on the first application. Additional value may be added to the card according to the stipulated specified rates. Cardholders who have lost their card may obtain the card again with a certain replacement fee and the remaining validity period may be transferred to the new card.

Adult Putra Card Application form
Student Putra Card Application form

3.How to contact Nadi Putra bus operator?

Nadiputra bus Operatior could be contacted through this address:

Pengangkutan Awam Putrajaya Sdn. Bhd.
Depo Bas Nadi Putra, Jalan P9,
62250 Precinct 9, WP Putrajaya
Tel : 03-8890 4788 / 019-282 2280
Fax : 03-8890 5788
E-mail : []
4.How to rent Nadi Putra bus?

Those who wish to rent NadiPutra bus must submit a written request by stating the following information :

  1. Rental Date
  2. Trip Schedule
  3. Number of passengger
  4. Number of bus required
  5. Name list of passengers (For rental to outside of Putrajaya only)
  6. Contact person (Mobile).

All application must be sent in compliance with the given period :

  1. Rental to within Putrajaya
    Period : 2 working days before rental date
  2. Rental to outside of Putrajaya
    Period : 4 working days before rental

Rental of rate per bus :

  1. Within Putrajaya : First 2 hours = RM300.00
  2. Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur & Selangor) : First 6 hours = RM500.00
  3. Others places : Rental of rates will determine later.

PAPSB will give feedback on rental applications like rental rates and related conditions. A Application letter addressed to :
Depo Bas Nadi Putra,
Jalan P9, Precinct 9
(Attn : Operation Department )
Fax no. : 03-8890 5788

5.How to file complaints on Nadi Putra bus services?

All complaints could be directed to the following channel:

  1. A letter addressed to :
    Chief Operation Officer,
    Pengangkutan Awam Putrajaya Sdn. Bhd.
    Depo Bas Nadi Putra, Jalan P9,
    626250 Presint 9, WP Putrajaya.
    Fax : 03-8890 5788
  2. Telephone No : 03-8887 7787 or 019-282 2280
  3. E-mail : []
  4. Website :

Complaints filed must include information that could help in investigation like:

  1. Date and time of incident
  2. Plate number and bus route
  3. Others
6.What is the fee rate for Nadi Putra bus?

Fare rate for Nadi Putra bus is as follows :

  1. Cash : RM0.50 cent for adult and RM0.30 cent for children
  2. Monthly Pass :
    Adult = RM20 (35 day), RM10 (17 day) and Children/uniformed Students = RM10 (35 day), RM5 (17 day)