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Neighbourhood Centre Presint 16
Neighbourhood Centre Precinct 16

Planning of space for comfortable shopping is given priority in the building of this neighbourhood market. The main entrance is via the lobby that serves as the main avenue for both the ground and the first floors with a landscaped courtyard that doubles as a waiting area. The building houses the market, coffee shops, public toilets and an information counter that disseminates information on-line to shoppers pertaining to activities at the market on a daily basis.

Products sold at the market includes marine products, poultry, meat and vegetables.

Interested individuals with relevant experience and financial resource may apply to lease the stalls. Choice of lessee will be based on their capability and potential to perform and grow in their line of business.

Location : Food Court Precinct 16.
Concept :
The open air food court is located adjacent to the library, gymnasium and public swimming pool.
Menu Selection :
Malay and mamak cuisine.

Interested parties are welcome to contact :-
Kompleks Kejiranan Precinct 16
Jalan P16 J
62675 Putrajaya
Tel: 03-88887106, 03-88883214, 03-88884101
Fax: 03-88883075